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How & How Much? aims to provide the most efficient and cost effective service to home owners who require building energy ratings (BERs). If you have your Building plans, elevations and sections etc, we would also ask for a copy to assist in the assessment.

We will then make an appointment to visit the dwelling to carry out a BER assessment. Using the data collected on that visit, we prepare a rating and advisory report in accordance with the requirements of Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI). Then we access SEAI’s computer systems to submit the rating online to the national register of BERs. SEAI issues a 10 year BER Certificate and Advisory Report. We are offering discounted retail prices for all bookings as follows:

BER Assessment

€120.00 - 1 to 2 bed apartment

€140.00 - 2 to 3 bed semi-detached house

€150.00 - 4+ bed house up to 200 square metres

€200.00 - Large houses over 200 square metres

All prices are inclusive of VAT and SEAI fees

10% DISCOUNT for up front payments

Discounts available for multiple bookings (get together a group of friends/neighbours)

Special Rates for Auctioneers and Letting Agents

Tailored Improvement Report

€200.00 - All house types

This can be provided together with a BER Certificate and Advisory Report.

The Tailored Improvement Report gives a conscise breakdown of what improvements could be carried out, their costs, possible grants and a practical means to achieving the best possible rating for your home.

With less than 9% of homes achieving a B3 rating or better, the Tailored Improvement Report can become a unique selling point, as it can easily and clearly demonstrate how your property can achieve at the very least a B3 rating, and stand out from the crowd.

Provisional BER Certification and Advisory Report:

€200.00 - All house types

Prior to construction carrying out a Provisional BER Certificate will inform the architect and client of the house’s compliance with Part L 2011 requirements for;

  • Conformity with maximum average U-Value requirements of walls, roof, floor, insulation etc.
  • Conformity with primary energy use and CO2 emissions limitation requirements.
  • Conformity with renewable energy technologies requirements.

New Build Recommendations:

€300.00 - All house types

Before and during construction, BERARCH can offer recommendations on the building specification for homeowners and architects to achieve a higher rating on their properties. This would be based on the analysis of the DEAP of the Provisional BER noted above.

We would advise you on how to build a more energy efficient home based on your specific requirement and budget. Our recommendations will involve assessing all the building elements in the construction of your property and providing advice and recommendations on the following:

  • Compliance with Part L 2011 requirements as noted above.
  • Calculating thermal resistance and U-values on the insulation used on floor, roof and walls
  • Ventilation system (i.e. Passive or Mechanical)
  • Windows, doors & Roof lights, etc.
  • Lighting
  • Air Tightness
  • Primary and secondary heating systems (i.e. boiler, fuel used, etc.)
  • Heating control systems
  • Renewable energy systems (i.e. Solar, etc.)

Call us now on 021-4318597 or 085 8301742 and we will arrange an appointment for our BER assessor to call at a time that is convenient to you. Alternatively, complete the online order form and we’ll call you back to arrange an appointment. Home owners in Ireland who wish to sell or let a dwelling are required by law to provide prospective purchasers with a Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate. Similarly, home owners who wish to let a dwelling in Ireland must provide prospective tenants with a BER Certificate. Only BER assessors who have been registered in accordance with the relevant legislation can carry out a BER. Our assessors have been fully trained in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legislation. Failure to comply with building energy rating legislation can result in fines of up to €5,000.